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Unplex is a cutting-edge payment transfer platform that integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp, allowing you to send money directly to recipients in the USA and selected international locations without the need for additional payment apps.

To use Unplex, start by providing your WhatsApp number on our platform. You will be directed to a chat where you can enter the recipient's contact details, the amount, and the purpose of the transfer. For new users, we'll verify your identity and link your bank account for payment. The recipient will be notified via WhatsApp to accept and verify their identity and provide their bank details. Once verified, we process and transfer the funds directly to the recipient's bank account.

There is no fee to send money using Unplex.

Transfers are typically completed within minutes but can take up to 24 hours depending on the recipient's country and bank processing times. Transfers between Unplex wallets in the USA is instant. If you'd like to withdraw money from your Unplex USA wallet to your US bank account, it can take upto 1 business day. Transfers from USA to India takes upto 1 hour during the banking hours in India.

Recipients have the option to receive funds directly into their bank account or through a gift voucher, depending on their preference and the available services in their location.

You can send up to $500 per day, $1,000 per week, and $2,000 per month. For larger amounts, additional verification may be required to enhance security.

Yes, Unplex operates 24/7, allowing you to send money anytime, including weekends and public holidays.

We are registered with FinCEN and partner with Cybrid Inc. for secure money transmission in the USA and from the USA. All data is encrypted, and stringent fraud checks are conducted.

You can cancel your transfer request via WhatsApp for a full refund within 30 minutes of making the payment, provided the funds haven't been picked up by the recipient. Refunds are processed within three business days.

You will receive a notification on WhatsApp once the funds have been successfully sent. The transaction will also be recorded in your Unplex transaction history (under “More” options), where you can track all details.

If you or the recipient hasn't received a notification on your WhatsApp for a successful payment, it's possible the funds are still processing. If you expect the funds in your USA bank account, remember, transfers from your Unplex wallet to a US bank account require a manual transfer. For unresolved issues, both sender and recipient should directly contact Unplex support.

If you make a payment mistake with someone you know on Unplex, the transaction cannot be reversed automatically once initiated. You should directly contact the recipient to request a return of funds. For unresolved cases, contact Unplex support for further assistance.

If you accidentally send money to a stranger via Unplex, immediately contact our support team. We will guide you through the process of attempting to recover your funds, but recovery is not guaranteed.

If you receive an unexpected payment or request from a stranger, do not respond or send money back. Contact Unplex support for guidance on how to proceed safely.

If you detect any unauthorized transaction on your Unplex account, report it immediately to Unplex support. We prioritize the security of your funds and will investigate promptly to secure your account and address any potential fraud.

A payment may be listed as 'Incomplete' or 'Pending' if your bank in the USA hasn't approved the payment or the payment was sent to a phone number not linked to an active Unplex account. Ask your recipient to complete the payment acceptance process for the funds to be credited.

Once a payment is sent via Unplex, you cannot change the payment method used. However, you can update your payment method for future transactions before initiating them.

Transaction details are confidential and shared only with involved parties. Unplex prioritizes privacy, and information about your transactions is not publicly accessible.

If you see a duplicate charge, please contact Unplex support immediately. We will review your transaction history and resolve any billing errors promptly.

You can access your complete transaction history in your WhatsApp chat with Unplex. Select “More” option. This feature helps you track all your payments and receipts efficiently.

Unplex currently does not support automatic recurring payments or charge requests. Each payment must be initiated manually.

Unplex transactions require identification for security reasons, and therefore, anonymous payments are not supported.

Unplex is designed for transactions between different individuals and does not support transferring money between a user's own payment methods or accounts.


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